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Phuket and the Andaman Paradise: Phi-Phi, Similan, Khai, Raya, Coral, Krabi Islands

Phuket and Phang Nga provinces, Krabi and the surrounding tropical islands, and the magnificent bays of the Andaman Sea occupy a total area of more than that of London! At this enormous region there is everything that the tropics and the thousand-year-old architectural and cultural treasures of the locals are able to offer. They say, this place is one of  the still remaining paradises of Earth.

Phuket just for You

This tour is recommended  to those who would like to explore the island beyond its usual tourist centres too. To those who would like to get to know Phuket a little deeper, and discover the real beauty of the Pearl of the Andaman.
No two people are the same, everyone would like to see and try something different things. Thus we are always more than ready to hear your requests and set up a programme that suits you the best.

Private Discovery tour


        The South: Phuket, Phi-Phi, Phang Nga, Krabi, Similan and much more...       

Island hopping Tours

Islands & National Parks

The total area of Phuket, Phang Nga and their archipelago is bigger than that of London!
At this enormous region there is everything that the tropical nature can ever offer.
During our boat and land trips and multi-day exploration tours, we are going to take you around in this one of the still existing paradises of Earth...

Challenge Programs

Fortunately, we are not the same. But for sure, after several days of numbness on the beach, everyone feels like wanting to do something that really freshens you up.
Caressing tigers, catching marlins on the sea, scuba diving in the colourful whirls of coral reefs, gliding on ropes in the jungle, paragliding from the summit to the beach, riding a mumbling Harley along the island’s serpentines...

Adrenalin programs


Phuket by Night

In Phuket, the day starts at night!
As soon as the tropical night descends, the during-the-day idle crowd of the island comes alive. Restaurants offering all varieties of seafood and most special dishes of Thai cuisine, entertainment centres, discos, cocktail bars, night clubs and cabarets; all open this time.
The streets become filled with carts selling all kinds of foods, iced drinks and fruits...

At Evenings & by Night

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Spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue sea awaits you at Asia's most popular holiday destination. This wonderful island provides an unbeatable combination of perfect silky soft white palm-lined beaches, superb hospitality and great value accommodation.

Phuket's great advantage is that there's always something interesting to do on and off the island  whether it's raining or shining. From the sublime to the seemingly profane, the wide range of activities and places to visit is remarkable for Phuket, a top vacational destination in Asia simply called 'the Pearl of Andaman'.

Phuket and its surrounding tropical islands give you so much to see, visit and discover. Just take it all in and plan ahead. Take part in our  Top Quality  Tours. Visit our exciting programs from elephants at FantaSea to dangling sround the unseen treasures of Phuket and the surrounding tropical islands with us. Discover the secrets of the hot ninghts in Phuket.