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Phuket trip and tour: The Andaman Islands and the mainland's National Parks

We offer one of the widest choices of day trips sightseeing and tour packages in Phuket, including Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island, Phang Nga National Park, Krabi, Similan Islands, Raya Island, Coral Island, Khai Islands, Khao Lak and Khao Sok National Parks

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is 400 km2 bay of the Andaman Sea between the Phuket and the Malay peninsula. The scenery is covered by shallow sea and lots of incredibly shaped rocks where numerous special species of birds, fish, unique mammals and monkeys live. This is what we are going to explore on our way. Our kayak trip through the island caves and mangrove swamps will be just as an amazing adventure!

James Bond tours

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        Phuket: discovery tours in the Andaman Archipelago and on the Mainland       

Phi-Phi Islands

Crystal lagoon & bay

46 kilometres southeast to Phuket, in the Strait of Malacca lies a group of six picturesque islands, the Phi Phi Islands.
White sanded  bays, hundreds of metres tall skyrocketing limestone cliffs, intact forests, crystal clear water, vivid coral reefs are what made Phi Phi Thailand’s one of undoubtedly most popular tourist paradises.
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Raya & Coral Islands

12 kilometres southeast of Phuket’s southermost point Cape Panwa lies in the sea the archipelago of Raya Islands. Its largest island, Raya Yai (big Raja) is the northernmost, and 10 kilometres south of it is Raya Noi (little Raja).

Both islands, their dazzling bays, coral reefs, and forests are all preserved in their natural conditions.

Navy blue sky, white sand

Khai (egg) Islands

The Khai Islands are not easy to be found on the map...

However, if we set off east from Phuket’s easternmost romantic coast Koh Sire, we will soon stumble upon some tiny lonely spots in the sea. These tiny little patches of land are the Khai islands; namely Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nai and Koh Khai Nui.
They are indeed popular locations for Phuket excursion tours.

Small spots on the water

Krabi Islands

Krabi’s spectacular coasts are surrounded by 132 greater or lesser islands. Most of them are parts of national parks, thus are highly protected.

The white sanded beaches, hundreds of metres tall skyrocketing limestone cliffs, intact forests, crystal clear water, teeming coral reefs are what made Krabi Thailand’s one of the undoubtedly most beautiful holiday paradises.

Wonder islands

Similan Islands

Only coral, sea and fish

Not too far from Thailand’s western coast, in the middle of the Andaman Sea lies the archipelago of the Similan Islands. The mostly uninhabited tiny islands are aligned from north to south like a string of beads.
The islands’ fauna is uniquely abundant. In the sea there are thousands of different species of fish, sea turtles and crabs. We will get to know them a bit more closely as well.  As soon as we enter the water, immediatley a whirlabout of tiny colourful fish sorrounds us.

Khao Lak National Park

The most spectacular inland national park of Phang Nga province is  encompassed by a 20-kilometre-long sandy-rocky  coast with palm trees. Through gentle slopes, the landscape is rising into the imposingly wide plateaus, salient peaks and thick tropical monsoon forests of the mountains on the east.

Its rivers flow through waterfalls and wild cascades into the sea.

Jungle, montain, creek

Khao Sok National Park

One of the most beautifully and most intactly preserved natural attractions of Southern Thailand is the Khao Sok National Park. It is covered by the world’s oldest rainforest. Gigantic limestone peaks rocketing the sky, deep valleys, glistening lakes, wildwater rivers, exciting caves, and lots of other things are what we are going to discover. Its diverse fauna consists of deers hiding in the woods, elephants bathing in the lakes, numerous species of birds, hundreds of fish and butterflies.

Mountains and lakes

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