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Andventure programs in Phuket - tigers, deep sea fishing, discovery diving tours

Fortunately, we are not the same. But for sure, after several days of numbness on the beach, everyone feels like wanting to do something that really freshens up the mind and body. Caressing tigers, catching marlins on the sea, scuba diving in the colourful whirls of coral reefs, sliding on ropes in the jungle, paragliding from the summit to the beach, riding a mumbling Harley along the island’s serpentines... All these, of course, perfectly safely and in the most professionally documented way...

Tiger! Tiger!

Phuket’s most “adrenalin producing” playground is the Tiger Kingdom. There are nothing else here just tigers; but them a lot! And they are  all “palpable”! As soon as we arrive to its gates, we can compile a tiger program package that suits our liking best. The choices are broad: there are tiger cubs, little tigers, normal tigers, and bloody huge tigers! Besides that, we can also request a professional photographer, who will take incredibly great photos of whatever we do with the tigers.
Phuket „legadrenalintermelőbb” szórakozóhelye a Tiger Kingdom. Nincs itt semmi más, csak tigrisek, de jó sok, és mind „kézzelfogható”!

Tiger Kingdom

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    Phuket: Kalandtúrák, különleges programok

Discovery SCUBA diving

Felfedező búvártúra Phuketen, magyar vezetéssel. A trópusi tengerek szigeteinek tengeralatti világa maga a csoda. Ki ne gondolkodott volna már el azon, milyen is lehet kipróbálni a merülést, persze csak egyszer és teljes biztonságban... Velőnk megteheti, magyarul.

One day with the fish

Around the islands of this tropical sea, the submarine world is indeed a miracle in itself. Hundreds of thousands of divers visit these places every year, even if just for a few hours, to become a part of this world. The only problem is that this requires serious training, very expensive equipment, and also a little craziness.
However... Is there really anyone who has never played with the thought of trying what it would be like diving under the sea? Even if just once and perfectly safely...

Deep-Sea Fishing Tour

About the seas around Phuket and the shores of southern islands there could be many things said, but one is definitely a fact: there are plenty of fish. At seven degrees north latitude in the heart of the tropics, marine life is incredibly rich. Millions of fish swim in these waters, waiting for just to be caught...
Fish hunting tours can be really fantastic whole-day or night adventures..
A Phuket környéki tengerről, a déli szigetvilág partjairól sok minden elmondható, és az mindenképpen biztos, hogy hal van benne bőven. Remek szórakozás az egész napos vagy éjszakás halvadász kirándulás a tengeren.

Cach it, Eat it!

Coming soon...

Phuket and its surroundings offer countless adventures! ATV tours, paragliding, sailing roaming, rock climbing, bicycle and motorbike rides, hiking, off-road driving, survival tours, fishing camps, military diver training... and many more...
There are endless options for a little adrenalin boost...
We keep trying ourselves more and more new programs to make sure our list is always updated with the most exciting ones...

A never ending story...

    Phuket adventure: a never ending story...       
Get the catalogue & prices...
Get the catalogue & prices...
Get the catalogue & prices...