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Phuket by night - entertainment, temptation and much more...

The day on Phuket actually starts at night! As soon as the tropical twilight settles down, the during-the-day idle crowd of the island comes alive. Restaurants offering all varieties of seafood and most special dishes of Thai cuisine, entertainment centres, discos, cocktail bars, and all the nightlife districts open this time. The busy streets become filled with carts selling all kinds of foods, iced drinks, fruits, and souvenirs. This is when the nightclubs, cabarets, thai boxing galas start their programs as well.


It is Thailand’s or perhaps even Southeast Asia’s most well-known entertainment park. This is the most famous place in Phuket that offers a feature-length entartainment.
As soon as late afternoon is replaced by night, the lights of the park shine up. Sparks of light strings amongst the branches of trees, colourful flashes drifting from the buildings, flares of gas torches, seons of candelabras, candle light of tables of small bars, light show projected to the frontage of the Elephant Palace...
Thaiföld, de talán Délkelet-Ázsia legismertebb esti szórakoztató parkja. Ez a leghíresebb Phuket-i, teljes estés szórakoztató program. Kulturális téma park, vacsora, fantasztikus show műsor.

Must see...

    Phuket: evening and by night programs in Phuket       


Thaiföld legmagasabb színvonalú esti szórakoztató műsora. Több, egymásra épülő témát kínál. A skanzenben a  tájegységek jellemző kultúráját, dalait, táncait, ételeit ismerhetjük meg.

History and Art

Thailand’s highest quality night entertainment offers several interweaving themes. In the open-air museum, we can get familiar with Thailand’s landscape specific cultures, songs, dances, and lifesytles.

The highlight of the evening is the show. Spectacular sceneries, costumes, light and eight fantastic scenes, featuring historical events of Thailand.


Well... this is one is probably  the most divisive amongst all of our programs. However, Asia is different. They have never lost their tolerance to those who tend to stand somewhere between a truly man and a truly woman.

Their unique talent is what the program of Simon Cabaret is really based on. It is like a traditional French Cabaret...
Hát igen... Ez a programajánlatunk a legmegosztóbb mind között.  Ázsia azonban más, soha nem veszítette el a toleranciáját azokkal szemben, akik valahol a tisztán férfi és a tiszán nő között helyezkednek el. Az ő különleges tehetségükre épül a Simon Cabaret műsora, ami egy hagyományos francia „Cabaret”.

Supercabaret with them...

Phuketen a nap este kezdődik!  Esti programok magyarul. Fantasea, Siam niramit, Simon Cabaret, vacsora programok.

Coming soon...

Phuket’s wonderful tropical sunsets and  black velvet nights give an amazing option of a never ending  discovery day by day (nigh by night… ).
Seaside or Restaurants, bars, shows, cabarets, sunning dining programs, sailing dining and sightseeing programs around the  sunset painted archipelago and many more are just options among the thousand opportunity...
There are endless options for a little temptation and entertainment...
We keep trying ourselves more and more new programs to make sure our list is always updated with the most exciting ones...

A never ending discovery

Phuket Travel Holiday Vacation
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